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Come and have the blend of aromatic chemicals and essential oils that give flavors and fragrances at the same time.
Calcium Propionate
Calcium Propionate is the calcium salt of propanoic acid and used as the food additive. It has E number equal to E282. These are used as a preservative in baked goods, processed meat and other dairy products. These are also used in agricultural purposes for preventing milk fever in cows as well as a feeding supplement. It is also used in the rodents to cause social impairment as well as hyperactivity.
Methyl Nicotinate
Methyl Nicotinate is generally found in alcoholic beverages. These are the esters of methyl alcohol and nicotinic acid. These are used as a flavoring ingredient. These are naturally found in guava, papaya, soursop and strawberry. These belong to the classes of Pyridinecarboxylic Acids and its derivatives. Chemically, these can be analyzed as a pyridine ring with a carboxylic acid group. These are basically required by human body for energy metabolism, DNA repair and hormone production.
Potassium Acetate
Potassium Acetate is a salt prepared from acetic acid as the source. These are basically prepared by reacting potassium hydroxide or potassium carbonate with acetic acid. These are used for deicing, food additive and in medicine and biochemistry field. Besides, these are also used as a catalyst in the production of polyurethanes. These are the best acidity regulators for maintaining the health of stomach.
Sodium Sulphite
Sodium Sulphite has a reducing property and is white in color. These are in crystal form and exhibit bleaching, de-chlorinating and de-sulfurizing properties. These are basically used in the food industry to make the food materials appear good. Besides, these also act as an important component of drugs to maintain the stability of drugs. These help in maintaining the freshness the food. These are gravitationally analyzed to yield the best outcomes.
Methyl Salicylate
Methyl Salicylate is a natural ester commonly found in many species of plants. These are also synthetically produced and act as a source of fragrance in food and beverages. These are artificially produced by esterifying methanol with salicylic acid. These are used in high concentrations to treat joint and muscular pain. In low concentrations, these are used as a flavoring agent in chewing gums and mints.
Sodium Propionate
Sodium Propionate has the general formula Na(C2H5COO). It is a salt of propanoic acid. It is generally found as a crystalline solid and white in color. These salts are deliquescent in the open air and absorb high proportions of moisture from the air. Their E number is E281 and generally used as a food preservative. The most suitable areas of their consumption is bakeries.
Sodium Benzoate
Sodium Benzoate has the general formula NaC7H5O2. These are used as food preservative with E number E211. This is highly soluble in water and exists in as the sodium salt of benzoic acid in water. This is usually prepared by reacting sodium hydroxide with benzoic acid. It is used as a preservative as well as in pharmaceutical applications. Besides, these are also used in fireworks for whistling applications. Benzoic acid and sodium hydroxide are used to prepare these salts.
Di Sodium Phosphate
Having excellent water solubility and fine white powdered form, this Di Sodium Phosphate is added while preparation of various water softeners, food products, detergents and other related items. This chemical can be availed from us in numerous safe packaging options at rock-bottom prices within promised delivery time. Moreover, our troop of ingenious professionals use high grade chemical compositions and modern methodologies to process this Di Sodium Phosphate.

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The chemicals are the substances, which have chemical properties and contain a chemical composition. These are used in a large number of products so as to raise their properties and value. We, Krishna Chemicals, have been serving the industry since our inception in the year 1983 with ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate Number: 8110QMS001), ISO 14000:2004 (Certificate Number: BN3661/3906:0711), GMP (Certificate Number: GMP-131001) and D&B D-U-N-S® (Number: 91-841-7366) Certification. Our beginning was modest, and with the rise in the demand for our products united with our eagerness to succeed, we bit by bit became one of the prominent companies catering to the bulk requirements of various industries.
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