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Come and have the blend of aromatic chemicals and essential oils that give flavors and fragrances at the same time.
Methyl Nicotinate
Methyl Nicotinate is generally found in alcoholic beverages. These are the esters of methyl alcohol and nicotinic acid. These are used as a flavoring ingredient. These are naturally found in guava, papaya, soursop and strawberry. These belong to the classes of Pyridinecarboxylic Acids and its derivatives. Chemically, these can be analyzed as a pyridine ring with a carboxylic acid group. These are basically required by human body for energy metabolism, DNA repair and hormone production.
Magnesium Acetate Powder
Having excellent solubility in water as well as alcohol, this Magnesium Acetate is appreciated to be utilized in paper treatment processes as neutralizing agent. Known for its purity, enhanced shelf life and effectiveness, this chemical is also used to be added to dyes and disinfectants. In addition, this Magnesium Acetate is carefully processed using quality examined chemical compounds and modern techniques under the stern direction of adroit team members.
Sodium Bisulphate
Sodium bisulphate is highly reactive chemical. This is primarily used to lower the pH of a solution. These are also used for metal finishing and cleaning the products. These have been approved by AAFCO as a general feed additive for the animals. Besides, these are also used in jewellery making and in textile industries. These are in the solid form and hygroscopic in nature.
Calcium Formate Powder
Having rich domain expertise, we provide precisely formulated Calcium Formate that is highly demanded as masking agent in leather industry. Cherished for its effectiveness, balanced composition and accurate pH value, this chemical is stringently tested on various quality parameters. Further, this Calcium Formate is available in various safe packaging options at affordable prices within promised delivery time.
Potassium Chloride
Potassium Chloride is a salt that composes of metals and halogens. These are odorless and have a crystalline appearance usually white in color. These are usually soluble in water and have a salt-like taste. It is used as fertilizers, scientific applications and food processing. These are mixed with the ordinary table salt to improve the taste. These are also used as a beta radiation source for calibration of radiation monitoring equipment. These are also used in de-icing processes.
Sodium Chloride
Available in multitude of safe packaging options, this Sodium Chloride is known for its balanced composition, effectiveness and purity. Used in food industry as table salt, this chemical is also used for formulation of various products. Furthermore, this Sodium Chloride is processed using the best in class chemicals under the strict supervision of adept professionals at our well-maintained premises.
Maltodextrin Powder
Maltodextrin Powder is a polysaccharide with no sweetness and odor. These are white in color. These are produced by partials hydrolysis of starch. These are suitable for the persons involved in long-term physical exercise and needs high levels of carbohydrate. These also help in restoring the glycogen level in the blood. These powders are accurately prepared to deliver the best results.
Benzyl Benzoate
Benzyl Benzoate is used as medication as well as an insect repellent. As a medication, these are best in treating scabies and lice. These can be applied on the skin as a lotion to maintain its charm and glow. These drugs have vasodilating and spasmolytic effects. As such, these are used in asthma and cough syrups. You can also use these to repel the mosquitoes and chiggers using this chemical. These are produced by the reaction of sodium benzoate and benzyl alcohol.

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The chemicals are the substances, which have chemical properties and contain a chemical composition. These are used in a large number of products so as to raise their properties and value. We, Krishna Chemicals, have been serving the industry since our inception in the year 1983 with ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate Number: 8110QMS001), ISO 14000:2004 (Certificate Number: BN3661/3906:0711), GMP (Certificate Number: GMP-131001) and D&B D-U-N-S® (Number: 91-841-7366) Certification. Our beginning was modest, and with the rise in the demand for our products united with our eagerness to succeed, we bit by bit became one of the prominent companies catering to the bulk requirements of various industries for pharmaceutical fine chemicals, Aromatic Chemical and more chemical products.
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