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Organic & Inorganic Salt
The range of Organic & Inorganic Salt provided by us is reckoned for its multipurpose usage. In textile industry, this range of product is used as ideal tanning agent and bleaching agent during dying of textile fabric and in food processing unit, it serves the role of additive and preservative. Free from impurities, the offered range of salt has long shelf life and it is accessible in powder and flake forms.
Acetate Chemical Compound
The Acetate Chemical Compound is used as suitable catalyst during polyester production, as blood phosphate level lowering agent in health care sector and during organic synthesis process during production of ester. It is easily soluble in water and ethanol, but is insoluble in ether. Free from flame, this chemical compound possesses high melting point. Long shelf life and accurate composition are some of its main attributes.
Aromatic Chemicals
The offered range of Aromatic Chemicals with apple and pear based smell are used as fragrant enhancing agent in perfume industry and as flavor enhancing agent in processed food sector. These are also required to formulate hair care products, coatings and cosmetics. Free from impurities, these have high melting as well as boiling point. The jelly based form of these chemicals is water repellant by nature.
Modified Starch
Our wide stock of Starch & Derivatives is extensively used in food, bakery and confectionery items. In addition, these are also used in various other starch applications such as coating and beverages. Best known for their improved stability and texture, our high- quality stock ensures moisture retention and process stability. We also modify these products in order to enhance their properties for maximum results. These products are highly acclaimed in the industry for their long shelf life.
Formate Chemical Compound
Formate Chemical Compound is acknowledged for its versatile quality. Notable for its fine powder based form with white color, this chemical compound is utilized as a reducing agent during production of dyes and printing ink and as a suitable animal feed additive that improves appetite of animals. Free from all sorts of impurities, this formate based chemical is of non toxic grade and has necessary density level.
Sulphate & Sulphide Chemical Compound
Sulphate & Sulphide Chemical Compound offered by us are reckoned for their versatile quality. These are easily soluble in water, though their solubility rate becomes low when these are mixed with sodium chloride. Their pharmaceutical grade is use to improve lactation and to treat hardness of stomach. In water treatment plants, these are utilized as oxygen scavenger. Apart from their long shelf life, these are appreciated for their high effectiveness.
Benzoate Chemical
Benzoate Chemical is produced by conducting chemical reaction between benzoic acid and sodium hydroxide. This chemical is useful for delaying decomposition of acid based edible items. As a suitable preservative and additive, it helps to maintain necessary nutrients of processed food for longer period. Available in free flow powder or crystalline form, this white colored chemical has long storage life.
Calcium Propionate
Calcium Propanoate has a formula; Ca(C2H5COO)2. This is the calcium salt of Propanoic acid. 186.22 g/mol is its molar mass. This is a preservative used for baked goods, whey, processed meat and many others. This is also functional as a feed supplement.
Detergent Powder
Detergent Powder is widely useful for several machine wash applications. It is included with surfactants, enzymes, fabric softeners, bleaches etc. These are the powerful cleansers which can remove the grease, dirt, oils, and other from the clothing.
Inorganic Salt
Accessible in mono, die and tri chemical forms, the Inorganic Salt is reckoned for its multipurpose usage in different industries. It quickly dissolves in water and this aqueous solution shows alkaline properties. Available in free flow powder form and crystalline form, this chemical has long storage life.
Laboratory Chemical
Laboratory Chemical are utilized for several applications. These are accessible with advanced composition and good shelf life. Utilization of these chemicals is helpful in several types of medicines, chemicals, and others. Increased productivity, Safer working conditions and dependable results are ensured.
Food Grade Chemicals
Food grade solvents ensure safe use in food production as well as extraction. These are also safe for the topical applications. These work as the high purity solvents suited for food production, food moistening agents, etc. These are also suited for the production of perfumes and topical creams.
Dish Wash
Dish wash we offer in our range are used for cleaning outdoor furniture and degreasing the kitchen appliances. These are functional as the effective stain buster. These can bestow shine to several jewelry. These are made to remove the fogging.
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizers are made to take out all types of germs from hands. These are useful for killing a wide variety of germs on the skin. These alcohol-based sanitizers can lessen the germ count on hands. These are known to kill the vast variety of viruses, microorganisms and bacteria.
Laundry detergents
Laundry detergent are perfect for fully-automatic washing machines. These work best on the colored loads and are gentle on the skin. These have good liquid detergent formula that ensure the removal of tough stains in a single wash.  These can also remove the grease stains.
Hand Wash
Hand wash are known to remove the bacteria and germs from hands. These are simple in use and gentle on hands, making them soft and free of bacteria as well as germs. These are effective in use and allow for simple usage.
Toilet Cleaner
Toilet cleaners are sprayed around the bowl and toilet rim. These are effective in the cleaning of toilet seats. These are also used for removing stubborn stains as well as biological debris.These are the powerful acid-based stain removers that can clean slime from urinals, grouts, tiles, and toilet bowls providing a fresh and clean odor.

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