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Sulphate & Sulphide Chemical Compound

The range of chemicals offered under the category of Sulphate & Sulphide Chemical Compound is accessible in food grade, industrial grade and pharmaceutical grade composition. Available in white crystalline form, the offered chemicals serve as suitable oxygen scavenger agents during treatment of water, as a desulfurizing as well as bleaching agents in textile industry and as lignin eradication agent in paper and pulp manufacturing unit. The pharmaceutical grade of these chemicals is useful for treating hardness of stomach. These chemicals dissolve easily in water and these start to decay when exposed to heat. The solubility of Sulphate & Sulphide Chemical Compound based chemicals becomes less when these are blended with sodium chloride.

Features :-

  • The provided range of chemicals is accessible in white colored crystalline form

  • These chemicals start to decompose when come in contact with heat

  • Long storage life

  • Available in food grade, pharmaceutical grade and industrial grade options

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Sodium Bisulphate

Price: 33 INR/Kilograms

Sodium bisulphate is highly reactive chemical. This is primarily used to lower the pH of a solution. These are also used for metal finishing and cleaning the products. These have been approved by AAFCO as a general feed additive for the animals. Besides, these are also used in jewellery making and in textile industries. These are in the solid form and hygroscopic in nature.

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Sodium Metabisulfite Food Grade

Price: 38 INR/Kilograms

Sodium Metabisulfite Food Grade has been prepared from the textiles by the processes of bleaching and de-chlorination. These are used to bleach the paper pulp as well as in the perfume industry. Besides, these can also be used as the treating agent of waste water. These are also used as an antiseptic and a germicide. These food grades also act as an inhibitor and a freshen agent.

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Sodium Sulphate

Price: 100 INR/Kilograms

This properly formulated, pure and effective Sodium Sulphate is used to manufacture detergents, soaps etc. This chemical can be availed from us in various safe packaging options at regular market rates. Also, this Sodium Sulphate is precisely formulated using the best grade chemicals and cutting edge methodologies at our sophisticated premises under controlled environmental conditions.

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Sodium Sulphite

Price: 35 INR/Kilograms

Sodium Sulphite has a reducing property and is white in color. These are in crystal form and exhibit bleaching, de-chlorinating and de-sulfurizing properties. These are basically used in the food industry to make the food materials appear good. Besides, these also act as an important component of drugs to maintain the stability of drugs. These help in maintaining the freshness the food. These are gravitationally analyzed to yield the best outcomes.


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