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Sodium Propionate & Calcium Propionate

Available in white colored free flow powder form and crystalline form, the Sodium Propionate & Calcium Propionate are used as standard grade additives, mold inhibitors and preservatives in confectionary items and mineral based products. These are also used as suitable flavor enhancing agent and reliable buffering agent in bakery unit. Free from unpleasant smell, these are easily soluble in water and are insoluble in ethanol. The offered products have been formulated by conducting chemical reaction between sodium hydroxide and propionic acid. The chemical and physical stability of Sodium Propionate & Calcium Propionate remain intact even when these are exposed to light.


Features :-

  • The offered granular and powder based items are used as good buffering agent and mold inhibitor in bakery industry

  • These are also used in cattle feed supplements to improve milk production rate and to raise appetite of dairy animals

  • Free from impurities

  • Long shelf life

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Calcium Propionate

Price: 103 INR/Kilograms

Calcium Propionate is the calcium salt of propanoic acid and used as the food additive. It has E number equal to E282. These are used as a preservative in baked goods, processed meat and other dairy products. These are also used in agricultural purposes for preventing milk fever in cows as well as a feeding supplement. It is also used in the rodents to cause social impairment as well as hyperactivity.

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Sodium Propionate

Price: 117 INR/Kilograms

Sodium Propionate has the general formula Na(C2H5COO). It is a salt of propanoic acid. It is generally found as a crystalline solid and white in color. These salts are deliquescent in the open air and absorb high proportions of moisture from the air. Their E number is E281 and generally used as a food preservative. The most suitable areas of their consumption is bakeries.


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